Pycon.CA and Upverter

2012-11-10 14:04:46 -0500

Originally posted on tumblr

I’m at Pycon.CA this weekend (the first native Canadian python conference, in Toronto.) It’s more about code than gadgets, but I want to call attention to one of the sponsors, “Upverter” - I’d kind of ignored them previously as “some cloud thing” but it turns out that they’re actually rather “gadget-interesting” - they’re basically trying to be web based circuit design, github, and tinkercad combined. Haven't had a chance to see how complete it is, but they're definitely putting a lot of effort into it - I would not be surprised if sometime soon we see a kickstarter gadget where the electronics is designed in Upverter and the mechanics in TinkerCAD... The browser has been the universal platform for a while, but I don't think anyone saw it becoming the Universal Design platform, for the construction of real-world devices - perhaps the next generation of Raspberry Pi class of devices will be designed and built in a browser on a Raspi-class machine :-)