android: Sat Nov 8 00:53:00 2008

Sat Nov 8 00:53:00 2008

A bit of a downturn today: I started getting

Plan Required

Your current plan is not compatible with the T-Mobile G1. Please visit from your computer, call 611 from your phone, or visit a retail location.

while out of town. The web seems to think this is a new behaviour, though.

I'm still using "Unlimited VPN" service (and a vintage SIM that still identifies it self as "OmniPoint" :-) ... not because it's cheaper, but because

I'll have to give them a call when I'm back in town (I have 802.11 on this trip, too... here I'm getting the "G" icon instead of the "E" one (and I don't generally get the "3" one at all.) I suspect I'll have to upgrade, which is ok if tethered use is still permitted, I may have to get that in writing (the web claims that customer support understands this, though.)