mark-eichin-blogspot-com: Fri Jan 15 05:50:00 2010

Fri Jan 15 05:50:00 2010

"Put... the candle... back!"

I was mailing something last night, and as usual couldn't remember if postage had gone up again or not... so as much for amusement value as anything, I unlocked my phone, hit the voice search button, said "US first class postage price"... and while it didn't quite match it, the first link was close and the second was perfect. Yeah, yeah, welcome to the future. But...

This morning I was thinking about it and realized that that took too many steps. The right interface (humour me a bit and don't skip ahead to "not using paper mail", that's inevitable and not the point) is for me to just say "Hey, Igor?" and to hear back (from the phone, a headset, or maybe the house sound system) "Yesss, Masster?" in Marty Feldman's voice. (The hard part there will be to ask my boring question instead of shouting "THROW THE FIRST SWITCH!!!" but I suppose I'll get over that eventually.)