mark-eichin-blogspot-com: Wed Jan 20 19:08:00 2010

Wed Jan 20 19:08:00 2010

pre-pycon stand up and blurt things out in a crowd practice

Tonight, the Python Cambridge Meetup held a practice run for three pycon talks (six of them are from locals, there will be another session 2010-02-03 or thereabouts.) I'll get pictures up on flickr tomorrow. I learned a number of interesting things:

Oh, and the title? Ned asked for python adoption stories, and I have a pretty good one, and I'd already gotten up and asked people for permission to take their pictures...

(Also, in keeping with not putting too much metablog mechanics in here - it turns out that if you're "low on memory" on a G1, you can't receive inbound SMSes - so although it was shiny and didn't lose any of my hard-fought typing, it's eating at least 4M of storage that I would rather be using on the next rev of ASE (r17) which finally has UI object support from python. So this is back to being written in emacs on the big thinkpad... and due to some roving internet outages, still getting posted after midnight...)