mark-eichin-blogspot-com: Wed Jun 30 19:43:00 2010

Wed Jun 30 19:43:00 2010

Continuing with the iPad

Picked up a bluetooth keyboard today for use with the iPad; not all that much more to say than "it works" although emacs bindings don't work the way they do in normal Mac apps, and least things like keyboard-oriented cut and paste are there. (I also picked up the two "real" SSH clients, iSSH and SSH Terminal - as much to encourage competition as anything :-) I do use the iPad for work email as well as personal, and now that I have a keyboard, well, there have been occurrences in the last two or three days where I'd have logged in to work remotely rather than waiting... it's not that I have any shortage of laptops, but waiting for one to boot, and the extent to which I get "sucked in" once I've done so has led me to avoid working on things from home if I'm trying to head in anyway (now, if I can do something at home that lets me avoid going in, that's another story, but a much less common one.)

And as you can see, I type significantly more (and less visibly, significantly faster) with an actual QWERTY keyboard in front of me. We'll see if that leads to more blogging, or promoting this to a "more real" blog, instead of continuing to pretend it's a playground for mobile client use...