mark-eichin-blogspot-com: Sun Aug 22 18:47:00 2010

Sun Aug 22 18:47:00 2010

Emergency Chai Flashbacks

The (long gone) Someday Café in Somerville is noted for having been the reason Chai escaped from Seattle - somewhere I have a Time Magazine blurb about it, we're talking early 90's here. I used to be "that guy" who showed up with a hat and a beat up Tosci's mug (once we determined that it wouldn't melt, they were happy to steam directly in it - yay for having Real People behind the counter :-) Especially in early winter, when Davis Square was entirely composed of slush, I'd use the subway tunnel to cut across the square and back to my office. I still have fond associations of Oregon-style Chai with miserable New England weather :-)

The reason these 15 year old images are flashing back to me now is that my local grocery store (Crosby's) stocks K-cups, and I got a K-cup machine as a gift (I'm not sure K-cups are what you want if you like coffee, but if you just need a cup some mornings - self-medicating, if you will - so you can rush out the door instead of lingering over a proper cup of tea - the low end machine is a nice thing to have tucked in a corner of your countertop somewhere.) Today I saw that they had Chai Latte cups, and on a whim, I picked up a box.

Much to my surprise, they're perfect. Good enough to inspire the flashbacks above (ok, perhaps it helped that I was out shopping in the rain - I'm still in New England after all :-) I really didn't expect that. I mostly figured I'd use this once in a while for have-to-get-up-at-7am-for-a-concall-with-dudes-in-Berlin coffee emergencies; that was how I convinced myself that the ludicrous amount of packaging per serving was acceptable. These Chai cups may change that...