mark-eichin-blogspot-com: Sat Jan 29 21:18:00 2011

Sat Jan 29 21:18:00 2011

Post-XMAS tools - Toro 1800 Power Curve Snow Thrower

Burned out an (admittedly underpowered) older, smaller electric snow thrower after two years, and replaced it with the newest Toro 1800. It's an amusing bit of "we live in the future" that one can use Amazon Prime to get a snowblower delivered before a predicted snowstorm :-) I've now used it to clean up after 3 major snow storms, totaling an "official" five feet or so, just in the last month.

Nice features of this particular snow thrower:

Annoying "features":

As far as electric snow throwers in general are concerned, I prefer them over gas-engine ones for noise, smell, and vibration, even if they fall short on snow-berm work (I've generally used a shovel to break up the berm and then the snow thrower to disperse the chunks, which works pretty well.) They're also not necessarily faster than hand-shoveling, especially with a large shovel - but since they don't involve any lifting I am so much less fatigued and strained after the cleanup effort that I don't mind the extra time, and the New England snow storm pattern is usually a day or two of mess followed by at least a day of sunshine to clean up in, or at least it's seemed like that for the last couple of years.

Of course what I actually want is a Robomower-class unit that goes out and starts clearing before the snow has stopped, with a protected (heated?) docking station of some sort, but we're not quite there yet...