Comics I read

These urls point to the web pages for the comics I read. This is generated using the script and a "Kid" template to create this page.

This page is just to provide public linkage to these comics; the monitoring script opens the pages directly in my browser - but I switched python html pretty printers in late 2005, and the new one doesn't turn in-code urls into links. Rather than lose that altogether, here's a cleaner page of actual links.

(It's also useful if I want to check comics from a kiosk or phone without my last-seen database handy...)

Last generated Sun Jan 29 00:00:31 2006 - which means that while some of these comicks are slow or non-updating (Argon Zark, for example, seems to be on a six-months-per-page schedule, but it is updating, and this script is the only way I can sanely keep up with it) the links themselves will be mostly good, unlike many other comic linkdumps.