comics: Sun Nov 27 00:16:00 2005

Sun Nov 27 00:16:00 2005

Most recently, switched to conkeror+firefox, and now hit c-c c-n in the web browser to get the next comic. The same queue is fed by a one-liner in ~/.snownews/browser:

curl -Hurl:\ %s -d "" <http://localhost:3383/push_url>

so urls from that are queued up the same way (see ../firefox.)

Still should do some kind of auto-training; the simplest algorithm is to fetch the whole page, then fetch it small-T (an hour? 5m?) later, and see what changed, and ignore it. Keep a record (vector?) of the whittling, and use that instead of check_maybe. Possibly pick a threshold of change and display it to me - and let me vote on same vs. different...