Huh? is a clever collaborative keyword-categorized bookmark collection service. Instead of just stuffing a bookmark somewhere in a complex hierarchy of browser-bookmark-folders, never to be seen again, you toss the URL at, along with

This isn't about rigor - just about "what words come to mind", or even just "why you want to remember this". They go into a "personal" (but public) collection, which you can search and filter on; there are (of course) RSS feeds, so for example if you're collaborating with someone or even doing research for them, you can just have them subscribe to the relevant keyword. Many clever uses are possible.

As for the "public" component, suppose you go back to look at your links on robots and civil-liberties. You can then immediately widen to see more material by looking at what anyone else has put in those categories. This is the "payback" for making yours public too.

Ok, what do you mean by proxy?

In order to encourage clever applications, has a simple API which lets you query it directly (not really REST, but cgi-style arguments and XML response payloads, very simple to talk to) without having to screen scrape the UI (and likely more efficient too.) One of the first applications is Cocoalicious a Mac 3-pane browser for (keywords on the left, urls for the selected keywords on top-right, browser bottom right.)

Given this narrower interaction channel, it seems straightforward to manipulate it. Some quality time with Python's BaseHTTPServer and urllib led to a proxy: you configure Cocoalicious to point to the proxy, which then forwards the request back up to the real server, and copies the responses back, "sniffing" them as they go.

So what good is it?

I have three applications in mind, now that I see how the protocol works.

Ok, so where is it? is the latest CVS version, which is just a simple proxy that stashes the XML results in a lookaside directory - it doesn't do any of the three modes above, yet. It will soon.