exif: Sun Jun 22 03:25:00 2008

Sun Jun 22 03:25:00 2008

flickr added video, with no changes to the upload API - and yet, I kept getting upload failures, in particular "Upload failed: Filesize was zero". Turns out that this was probably due to flickr misdetecting my video upload as an image upload (and a "reasonable" 60M video exceeds the "giant panorama" 20M JPEG threshold.)

Of course, the reason they misdetected it was some old hardcoding in my mimeencode function - flickr used to fail outright if the filename wasn't included as an extra tag in the Content-Disposition, so I stuffed in a default of something.jpg (which has worked for years... but of course is finally no longer true.)

Haven't determined yet if it is only the filename= that matters, or the additional Content-type qualifier change as well, but both are now basically correct...

The upstream uploadr client is now a xulrunner app, though, so I should given that another look (at least as an interesting example, my workflow is still "add a flickr tag in kphotoalbum and it'll get uploaded" which is far less work than any GUI could ever be :-)