The Herd Of Kittens Python Development - Sony Librié

In late 2005 I picked up a Sony Librié ebook reader, with the most amazing ever E-Ink screen. Looks better in full daylight than it does under office lighting. Plenty of information about it has either been published or pried out, and after a Make Magazine article on it, I decided to take a shot at it myself.

Right now, I've just got a few pieces of code, mostly written from the specs and sample code on - I didn't puzzle out any of this, just turned it into Python code.



I got my unit from Dynamism, and it came with LIBRIe Applications: ver and NSC Linux Version: 1.2.0 Patch 4.2 pre-installed.

I'm writing memory sticks with an MSAC-US1 Sony branded Memory Stick Reader/Writer; it shows up as /dev/sda1 under Debian.