toys: Sun Nov 5 17:21:00 2006

Sun Nov 5 17:21:00 2006

tratmenu - clone of ratmenu (from the man page and my usage of it) using curses instead of X11. Takes the same options so that I can use it for some ultimately text-based applications (like picking surfraw engines from a list, or picking hosts-to-ssh-into from a generated list of things I have access to.)

This is another project that stalled until I started with the "simplest thing that can work"... one by one, I

Each of these was only a couple of minutes and mostly a matter of looking up parts of the curses API or the ratmenu manpage. There are still a few things that I don't care much about but may implement for completeness:

Also, I may add an explicit "if $DISPLAY is set, run the real ratmenu instead" option, just so that I can have a common command regardless of context, though that doesn't actually work for things which might or might not need a window unless I also add an xterm_or_not wrapper.