XScreenSaver modules in python

It turns out to be easy to write xscreensaver modules in python, because xscreensaver just hands you a window, and you have PIL, python-xlib, and everything else handy...

xscreensaver: Mon Jan 21 00:40:00 2008

Mon Jan 21 00:40:00 2008

New project space for xscreensaver modules in python. The most recent experiments have been in the area of vector text; xss_vector_text.py isn't much to look at, and fairly retro, but it has a compact notation for pseudo-multi-segment characters and can draw a randomly selected word across the top of the screen. Not exciting, just another piece (and I may replace it with real text with fonts later.)

One interesting note: the version of python-xlib I have has a typo, a call to PolSegment instead of PolySegment. Fixed on sourceforge... back in 2003 :-) but the one in Debian didn't get updated until April 2007 (post-etch.) If you have 0.12-5.1, read the comments in xss_vector_text.py for details, or just make the obvious change.