zephyr: Thu Nov 16 03:07:00 2006

Thu Nov 16 03:07:00 2006

After ignoring the zephyr code for a while (the logger has Just Worked for rather a while, barring network outages, and it restarts well enough after those) I took another look at ctypes. One key difference is that pyrex imports the abstract (as much as C ever is) structure definitions... so you can define fields by name based on what's visible and part of the API... because under the covers it is compiling against the header files; with ctypes, you have to duplicate the physical C structure, because it isn't compiling at all, just building up the same thing in memory.

Given that, it still only took 95 lines of code to cook up the notice type, initialize one, and send it (unauthenticated). I still need to wrap it up in a more useful interface, but this convinces me that it works for a library like this... next step is authentication, and then maybe gssapi...