pma430: Mon Jul 9 00:35:00 2007

Mon Jul 9 00:35:00 2007

The PMA430 survived a european trip, as an image tank (at 700 pictures in one particular day, that was a good thing, though that means I could have made do with a handful of cards, having the pictures in two places was comforting.)

As a web browser, it didn't do so well - mostly because, it turns out, that there's a lot of manufacturing variation in the quality of the connection of the antenna to the motherboard - so it makes sense to open it up and just solder it in place. In the meantime, I only really had coverage in hotel lobbies, not in rooms... so I mostly used it to check on the outside world. I didn't really have time to code a captioning tool, or even upload individual pictures to flickr with the browser, and ended up doing a lot of captioning back on the laptop with the copy I made before the plane ride home.

(Note that checking the outside world wasn't really a win, either; CNN was in the midst of a Paris Hilton droolfest, I think I'm just going to take them out of my bookmarks altogether and start reading IHT intead :-)

Also, now that I'm back, one of the OpenPMA developers has dug up the flash image builder tool source code - as I thought, they're simple enough to just rewrite as python scripts (using the struct module) and that will help make the buildsystem more portable, as will using genext2fs (looks like we might not even need fakeroot, given genext2fs -P -U and all.)