Business card ideas for The Herd Of Kittens

These are just some sketches of ideas for business card layouts for The Herd of Kittens. They are my original ideas and drawing, and as such are Copyright 1997 Mark Eichin.

  1. THOK in large letters, with kittens crawling about them (peering over the top of the T, curled up in the O...) A variant beyond my reach would be to compose the letters directly from kittens.

  2. THOK in a slant, random kittens filling in the whitespace (perhaps swatting at the H or K given the positions.)

  3. The center top of the card is a "flying wedge" of kittens, or cats, running toward the viewer. Text fits into the other 3 angled quandrants.

  4. The letters THOK done translucent over a stream of running cats or kittens, perhaps with dust billowing around them, evoking a "thundering horde" or buffalo herd.

  5. Kitten heads peer at the viewer from the borders. Imagine you're at the bottom of a rectangular box, looking up, and they're peering in at you (maybe poking a paw over here and there, or looking at/batting the other kittens and ignoring you...)

  6. Ignoring kittens (oh no, not that!) and playing with the phonetic imagery of the acronym, an arrow hitting a bullseye, with perhaps "shiver lines" to indicate that it has just impacted, and an audio trace of what the sound "thok" looks like on an oscilliscope.

  7. Kitten typing at a keyboard, vital stats are on the screen. Variant has the kitten pouncing on a mouse, with the screen displaying the data in a "web browser" window.

  8. Kitten reaching up and swatting/pulling on the ribbon with the text on it. Possibly have papertape for the ribbon.

  9. The text is on a "billboard" or other rectangle; the kittens are climbing over and around it, stretching up the side, reaching down to paw at it, or just sitting atop it with a tail swooping down.

  10. Since THOK does some Pilot hacking, make the surface of the card mimic a Pilot PDA, with the stats on the PDA screen, and a small kitten integrated into the screen text. The upper left margin has THOK where the pilot has the USR logo. Perhaps add a kitten paw pressing one of the buttons at the bottom. Probably won't work well with out high gloss color.

  11. A simple tall-aspect card, with a kitten "holding" it. Not likely to look realistic as drawn -- perhaps have two paws up top and two down bottom with the tail?