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Some pictures of my new vehicle. These were taken in a partially lit parking lot. The first one shows my brother's Neon from the side, with the Hummer beyond it; note that bottom of the Hummer windows is about even with the roof of the Neon. (This one needed some processing to brighten it this much - but the Neon is really white, not yellow...)

This is a closer shot, unprocessed.

This is mostly washed out by the headlights, but serves as another comparison.

This is in the parking lot near my apartment. The wrapped up car next to it is a vintage Cadillac that one of my neighbors goes cruising in on Summer weekends.

I'll add more pictures here as I take them, but a gloss-black car at night isn't a very good photo subject. In the meantime, the Hummer web site has lots of action shots and videos.