About That Blogging

2014-03-29 02:52:54 -0400

The entire purpose of this rewrite (and fundamentally, of the website itself) is to give me a reasonably low-friction path for publishing that still lets me tweak the things I want to tweak. In the past two weeks, the snow has melted, the wildlife has started to wake up, and the only posts I've put out are hidden here in the meta-blog about the site itself. "That's not right..."

This Friday I was reminded that I ought to post to my gadget blog (I literally have a calendar reminder on my phone telling me to blog there, once a week...) especially since the most recent post was something I wrote in January as much as a tracer bullet for the software, as for actual information. Still, it did only appear on the net two weeks ago, so arguably I'm not that far behind; still, I have a significant backlog of gadgets to write about, and more arriving every day (the Verve USB sensor box showed up this morning) so if I don't start getting things written, I'm never going to catch up :-)

(Why do I even need to "catch up"? Isn't it many writers dream to have a vast field of things to write about, and to never have to fear writers block? Sure, but many of these gadget reports are a lot less interesting if they aren't timely - a KickStarter that's now real and maybe you can buy it directly, a new bit of tech that hasn't seen many other reviews - and while I'm not unwilling to write about useful everyday tools it doesn't make sense to let them get in the way of writing about the shiny new gadgets.)

It'll take a while for actually writing to be come more of a habit than tweaking the python code that generates the site so let's at least see if I can manage to do this two weeks in a row. At least this post only took about 10 minutes to get typed and pushed...