Hexy the Hexbot Kickstarter

2013-06-26 00:45:50 -0400

Originally posted on tumblr

I backed the Hexy kickstarter almost a year ago, it shipped months ago, but I finally got around to building the thing. Pictures of the build are up on flickr as usual.

It's a lot of pieces to assemble, but I've always been the one in the family that puts together the furniture-from-a-kit and this was probably easier than that, although the idioms for laser cut plastic are somewhat different. One key improvement over the stock instructions was to attach the servo "horns" to their lasercut mounts first, so the acrylic could rest flat on the desk so it was easier to apply force to the screwdriver. (Also the nice thing about a six-legged bot is that you can build one leg following the instructions very carefully, and then for the next five you can do it in simpler and faster ways since you already have one that "looks right" to compare against :-) All in all it was a nice assembly project; I did one leg per night while checking my RSS feeds, so I avoided obsessing over it all at once, so it all went together very calmly.

I still haven't gotten the board (an Arduino "Leonardo") to take a firmware update from avrdude, but I'm using the Arduino.mk commandline tools and I think the stty hupcl trick isn't actually working. It took a day of hacking around before it occurred to me to try just controlling it directly with the python PoMoCo code, and that actually worked, but I need the new firmware to use the bluetooth module...

Next steps are to