The Herd Of Kittens - ClueNet: an ISP with a clue

Enough of "us" are sufficiently frustrated with conventional ISP's taking a lot of money and doing a poor job, and not even having the option of paying more to talk to someone with an actual Clue. Even worse, knowing that if the ISP had someone with a Clue in even an advisory position, they wouldn't have made the mistake in the first place.

Thus, ClueNet. An ISP run by people with a Clue, for people with a Clue. No wasted effort supporting people who need help walking through NT autoconfig menus. Little or no wasted effort talking to people on the phone -- this is all ones and zeroes, we're going to automate it into the ground.


If this interests you, send us some email. Anything you send may become fodder for future documents or plans, or may be counted for statistical purposes, but your email address will not be marketed to others. In fact, you won't even get mail about updates until I get that automated, and you can come back and sign up for it then.

Random Followup sort of tried this, but instead of becoming a CLEC themselves, worked with NAS, who didn't really do an impressive job; as of 2000-08-17, that experiment is over. and have both been recommended as alternatives.