The Herd Of Kittens -- MMMRavs


MMMRavs is a simple application that has hard coded items from the Mary Chung's chinese restaurant menu, and some code to calculate a total, tax, and tip. My first Pilot App, but it has enough users to justify continued maintenance.

Since prices are compiled in, I'd request that anyone who actually uses this at Mary's email me to get on my announcement list.


Current version: 0.2.4

Screen Shots

Note: These screenshots are from 0.2.2; 0.2.3 makes minor rearrangements and updates the prices. 2001-10-29 mwe

0.2.4 does some cleanup on exit that it should have been doing before (thanks Ken - first real bug not found by Laura :-) 2002-02-05 mwe

The initial screen, no selections made. Note the drop down menus for the commonly ordered items.


Here, Suan La Chow Show has been selected as an appetizer, and the number of ravs (not the number of orders) is being selected.


Dishes are most commonly split in halves or thirds, or eaten whole; the default is whole, but each can be selected explicitly.


Finally, we've got Suan, half an order of ravs, Kung Pao Chi Ding, and a communal unit of rice. Note the raw total, tax, tip, and cooked totals. The number ($1) listed after the raw total is the raw amount of the most recent item; this lets you see what the selection you just changed costs, which is useful if you're ordering something not in the program but want to find something else that is near it in price.