exif: Mon Jan 7 01:11:00 2008

Mon Jan 7 01:11:00 2008

Another tweak: a parse_args method in xss_base.py which handles the contortions needed to handle xscreensaver's "tres retro" use of -window-id as a long argument, using optparse. (If it needs to be ugly - hide the ugly :-)

There's not much left to even do with xss_chbg.py - I don't want to bother with fades (and it's attention-getting enough as it is); I probably want to add

but as-is, I'm actually using it, which is more than I expected.

Hmmm. I just realized something.

There has been a screensaver module on my back burner for a long time...

Someone else even did a bunch of the work, though I still haven't seen the code. And I have a secondary source for realistic data. And while it needs graphics, it doesn't need fancy graphics...