hm: Fri Dec 28 00:40:00 2007

Fri Dec 28 00:40:00 2007

This has mostly made me want to go look at pymacs again, but at least it's done. hive.el provides a simple m-x hive-braindump that prompts (with completion) for tags (comma separated) and then a body, then calls out to to actually do the work.

Next step is to do a tree-browser, but much as I'd like to have it inside emacs, that's going to be painful enough that I'm going to do it in python first (using STFL for a curses interface.)

Other next step is to try using one of the new JSON interfaces to get the tag list on the fly. Probably also want to come up with some way of currying hive-braindump itself to make it easier to define macros and context-sensitive wrappers (though half the value of an emacs hook is to have yet another place to capture ideas that aren't in your current context, so that might not be as useful as it sounds at first.