hm: Tue Feb 19 19:12:00 2008

Tue Feb 19 19:12:00 2008

Most of the work on has been about matching the existing code, or existing features in the UI. Finally, my first "hiveminder feature that can only be done through new code":

for taskid in $( --task-ids-only --tag postmerge list); do but_first $taskid AV68; done

postmerge is a tag (set with braindump) on a bunch of tasks that can't be done until task #AV68 (identifying a major code merge) is completed. As far as I can tell, you can't do this with braindump, bulk update, or task review at all... Basically, this is a "defer until next release" software-development task-management button :-)

This suggests that a few other commands should return task ids in parsable form (like itself, which currently just reports them coincidentally in the status message and would need to parse that.)