The Herd Of Kittens Helps with Paws and Whiskers

Aside from a variety of web sites (by far the most accessible part of The Herd) there are other tools and services that get attention from time to time.

OpenAFS cell
/afs/ is used to share data among known parties, using Kerberos for identification. Roughly 200G of storage, which isn't entirely devoted to kitten pictures.
Image Server will shortly be the "bulk image" server, to allow seperate experiments with clever storage tricks, and possible future offloading and mirroring.
DNS provide nameservice for a moderate collection of domains; nothing especially clever, but we do provide secondary nameservices for friends and colleagues who don't need actual support.
Operational Platforms
Debian GNU/Linux on x86 and sparc; Solaris 8 on sparc.
Near-operational Platforms
With some effort, we can boot "Research Institute OSF/1 1.2" on a DECmips, sunos-3-based X-kernel on Sun 3/50, some X terminals, DOS 3.11, CP/M 86, TurboDOS, and probably others.
Cruft Platforms
In the hope of running them again someday, we have accumulated Sun 3 (68k), HP 7xx (hppa), HP 3xx (68k), DECstation (mips), TRS-80 (z80), VAX (cvax), and other uncataloged hardware.
DVD-R, CD-R, Exabyte tape, Ecrix tape, Zip, Jaz, Orb, 3.5" floppy, 5.25" floppy, and even 8" floppy for a sufficiently good (or interesting) cause.