The Herd Of Kittens - Picture Show

In 2006, I finished moving all of my metadata over to Kimdaba; this hasn't been touched since 2002 anyhow - also, I switched over entirely to Python in 2003, and a standalone replacement for this that uses caption files.

With over 1500 pictures taken (in 2 years) I've needed to organize them usefully. I used for a while, but then they went fee-based (and then they went bankrupt); I'd extracted my captions and album lists before that, and reassembled them with various perl scripts and sgrep invocations.

Then lodju came along, and I actually had a nice app to quickly add captions to pictures. The gallery-generation was kind of primitive, and it only did captions, no other tagging (such as what city or who is in the picture.)

More recently, BINS came along. BINS uses a single XML file per image, automatically extracts EXIF data from the JPEG files (especially useful with cameras like the Canon S200 that automatically record the orientation in which the picture was taken) and then in a seperate pass, build a collection of HTML files and reduced size images. It still needs some work, but the developer is very active, and it was easy to package for debian.

As a result of that activity, I was inspired to package it for Debian (which went smoothly.) Then I decided I needed an excuse to play with the various GUI tools in Debian... and as a result, produced bins-edit-gui, using glade-gnome and perl Gtk::GladeXML. This is now included in the upstream BINS release, but I'm putting standalone snapshots here as I reach completion points with them. (Also, I'll eventually have other interesting photo-related tools here.)


Fix grey-out of filename box. Force LATIN1 if 7-bit ANSI is selected. Add charmap override box if either conversion fails.
more error checks. Primitive "current album" editor. Free server-side pixmap correctly (oops.) Update man page.
workaround non-debian LC_MESSAGES bug. Guess encoding from locale. Add slider between tags and image (which cleans up some other visual sizing bugs automatically.)
handle bad/missing filenames, filter out .xml files from argument list, updated french translation. Add user-specified rotation to interface; cleaned up "revert" as a side effect.
i18n support, including an approximate french translation. Added more list navigation, moved them all to a separate menu.
Support EXIF rotation tag. Stopped using GtkFixed and improved the space usage significantly, especially in full screen mode.
First thok release. "real looking", including getopt and about boxes; also has proper focus-row preservation and properly frees previous images, and handles XML UTF correctly.