Spring Is Sprung

2014-03-12 02:18:13 -0400

There was one "final" delay to make the new infrastructure support the little "single serving" web sites I've collected over the years (rather than moving the main www pointer and then moving the rest of them back to a different pointer, and there weren't that many files involved anyway, nor (with one exception) much history beyond "created site in 2008", so there wasn't much history to worry about.) After I got that working, I flipped the switch in the morning of March 11, 2014. Not yet officially spring, but a local high of 60F anyway which is just as good :-)

Of course, I immediately found half a dozen failures, mostly by watching the access and error logs; my old nagaina monitoring system pointed out that I'd mishandled some links to old photo galleries, and I'm still sorting through some of that (mostly with the intent of constructing some new photo galleries) so I'm not as concerned with precise preservation there (much of it was acled off previously anyhow.)

Overall, nothing severe enough to even consider rolling back. Other than finally releasing months of new bloggery (like this entire section), things shouldn't look that different, I haven't added any decorative photography or even much color, but the structure is in place to try some new things. At very least, The Rants Will Flow!