2013-12-08 03:37:54 -0500

THOK.ORG finally ground to a halt - the last post here that wasn't either part of the clawback of my blogspot blog or meta-bloggery about blog tool making was in 2010 (a rant that coined the term career_limiting_memcpy which sadly failed to catch on.) It's not that I haven't had time to write, or things to write (I churned out two other tumblr blogs in between, for a while, solely because I could write in markdown and post from my phone both of which were far less friction than the state I'd gotten stuck in with my own code.)

All of this finally came to a head in October 2013, which I christened "ThokTober" with the intent of spending a month picking up some existing blogging tool and running with it. As integration projects are wont to do, this dragged on to early December, at which point I settled on ikiwiki (and I do mean "settled" - I really though I'd end up with nikola what with python vs. perl, vastly more plugins and features, and bigger dev community... and I may yet go back to it, but ikiwiki ended up with far less friction in terms of actually getting sites up and "good enough".)

There will be some loose ends for a while (part of the transition involves semi-automatically converting my ad-hoc markup to proper Markdown, and I still don't really know what I'm going to do with the existing RSS) but if I get one new non-meta post up before Christmas I'll finally declare victory :)