android: Thu Dec 4 02:40:00 2008

Thu Dec 4 02:40:00 2008

Yay - WikiNotes recently got the ability to dump the whole note-set into an XML file on the SD card. I was able to build it with the patches in order to attempt to try it out - except that I couldn't install it, due to Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE] which the web informs me is because there's already a signed version installed, with a key that doesn't match. This seems sort of like the ssh "known_hosts" feature. I'd have to uninstall that one (losing my data, which was the whole point of the exercise) to install my build... fortunately, someone on the team pushed that version out to the App Market so I was able to just install and use it.

This kind of difference between Android and most popular desktop operating systems ends up making the flavor of open source development rather different - in order to share your modified app, you must fork it, otherwise noone can test your modified version - see K-9/Mail for an example of this.

The DTD is pretty simple:

I'll probably throw something together to push a subset of pages out to the web, but for now it's enough for private structured notetaking, since I can get the data out. For now, is a trivial script that expands the WikiNotes XML into a directory of linked HTML files...