android: Thu Dec 4 21:22:00 2008

Thu Dec 4 21:22:00 2008

At a BPS Hackathon, decided to try building jythonroid - which isn't going to go in the direction I'm trying for unless I start pushing it that way, the current developer is mostly working on commandline python on the emulator (which isn't really useful for the phone.) I'm looking for writing application code in python - I'm happy to "bundle" it with jython to actually get it running on the phone.

Leads to a bin/util-debug.apk - which visibly runs the code in src/org/classfoo/ - and crashes, but that's expected, the code is pretty incomplete - but the next step for me is to probably take most of that out and call PythonInterpreter.exec() directly on some code of my own...