android: Sun Dec 21 00:37:00 2008

Sun Dec 21 00:37:00 2008

Haven't done any dev in a while (end-of-year has been busy and I still don't have a useful python) but it's been a good phone (and phonalyzr shows this clearly, now that I've had it long enough to accumulate some data), and a good PDA.

One missing piece on the PDA side has been, well, apt-get upgrade :-) A third-party package called atrackdog just hit the Market, and it's exactly what I was looking for (namely it promptly showed me some 20 out-of-date apps, and made it easy to update them via the Market.) I've deleted OI Update - it was a good first try, and has other useful apps, but it never gave reliable answers for more than 4 or 5 packages OpenIntents, and by attempting to have a separate database of metadata, the approach was doomed from the start. (They have other nicely done apps - strictly speaking, I'd even say that OI update was nicely done, it was just doing the wrong thing...)

One upgrade in particular, the Zebra Crossing Barcode Reader app, gained an interestingly clever new feature: it already had support for recognizing and parsing QR-code 2-D barcodes - so they added support to pick a bookmark (or a contact entry) and display that on-screen as a QR-code... instant "optical beaming" as long as the both of you have the app (a quick download from the Market), no need to wait for Bluetooth or deal with OBEX :-)