mark-eichin-blogspot-com: Mon Jan 18 19:29:00 2010

Mon Jan 18 19:29:00 2010

bugs! bugs all over me!

Hmm, between clearing snow out of the driveway and hunting what turned out to be an unchecked return value (so APT gets added to the list of things that shouldn't be written in C - yes, I know it is ostensibly in C++ but there's nothing "++" about calling tcgetattr and openpty, especially calling them incorrectly) I've missed a day. Well, I'm still up which has generally meant it was the same day as far as I'm concerned...

Oh, that list? Subversion is on it too, but for more subtle reasons - I ended up diagnosing (and with Paul Burba's help, getting a fix committed) a mergeinfo-related algorithmic bug, by porting the algorithm to python, demonstrating the problem and fix, then porting them back. The unfortunate part was having to port back, the entire code base cries out for a higher level language, and most of the recent performance fixes have been abstract, not bit-tweaking... and many of the outright bug fixes seem to have been as well.

(androblogger just lost another paragraph, and it's in Java, which is bad for entirely different reasons...)

Perhaps I should formalize the list and post it, or even better tie it in to my old "error handling - you're doing it wrong" theme (Are you, or have you ever been, a typewriter?) Not tonight, though, certainly not on this keyboard, especially with the risk of retyping it again!