mark-eichin-blogspot-com: Tue Jan 19 20:42:00 2010

Tue Jan 19 20:42:00 2010

Pre-pycon hallway-track practice

Another busy day - didn't get home until after midnight, was at my first IAP talk in ages (and I think I've given them more recently than attended.) Call it a bit of intellectual tourism - I don't really have a good reason to care about Continuous Event Processing, but it was interesting to see another place with opportunities to be seriously hard core, and the bits about visual dev environments definitely deserve pondering.

The after class chat went all over the place, ranging from the mechanics of stock markets to the value of for web-thing testing. I definitely need to take more advantage of being in Cambridge and being able to hang out at MIT physically, not just on Zephyr.

(I also decided that androblogger's dataloss bugs made using the G1 unfairly unpleasant for blogging, so I ditched it and went back to Blogaway... but I still don't really have enough memory for it and should find something to delete - probably Shazam; while it is awesome that it exists for Android, I use it less tha monthly and if I have enough net for it to work I have enough to redownload it...)