mark-eichin-blogspot-com: Sun Feb 7 21:16:00 2010

Sun Feb 7 21:16:00 2010

Titles are not optional

Let's see if blogtk can handle mobile-offline writing for later posting. I see a save/open saved post menu, after all, but while I can type entry contents, I don't seem to be able to select the Title field when not connected (which doesn't make a lot of sense.) (It appears to work, though the save format turns out to just be 6 cPickle'd strings, yay python :-) (Hmm, Title doesn't work now that I'm connected, either...)

Went down to NYC for the weekend; ate at Oceana and Serendipity3 and Cosi and Zabars (and the American History Museum Cafe, and the Loeb Boathouse Cafe, and Nathan's.) Took the Bolt Bus down, which had power, wifi, a comfortable ride, and precise timing; I took the Acela Express back, which had power, no net, wider seats, and a 2-hour departure delay (that had nothing to do with the DC/New Jersey area weather, a mechnical failure that was fixed in Baltimore was blamed.) Combine that with the 5x price differential, and I'm probably taking the bus on my next trip down.

Speaking of which, walking around Central Park with a camera was a lot of fun, I'd like to try it again some time when it is more than 30F out (though 30F and sunny and not much wind was actually tolerable for an hour or two at a time.) Casually getting pictures of cardinals, woodpeckers, brown creeper, house finch, hawk, nuthatch, grackle, and a host of more common birds, even though it was near-freezing, was a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.