mark-eichin-blogspot-com: Sun Feb 14 16:25:00 2010

Sun Feb 14 16:25:00 2010

it's all in the wrist (it's all about the keyboard)

Gave up on the android clients (too big or too buggy), blogtk is a failure too (that title problem? Apparently it crashes when you type a title, so they disabled the field. Feh.) Blogger's web interface has save (but not autosave?) and works in the android Browser, but only under "edit HTML", which is tolerable for the moment.

I really should not be embarking on my own client at this point, though once the next ASE ships with real GUI support, I may have to take a shot at it. I still end up wanting an external keyboard, and the Vaio P is actually a reasonable size for one, so I should give in and use it directly. For now, though, this is still about mobile posting and not just writing, and even on a netbook, it doesn't really "feel" mobile...