mark-eichin-blogspot-com: Fri Feb 26 19:58:00 2010

Fri Feb 26 19:58:00 2010

doing well on the mobile; not so well on the blogging

Went to pycon, the tiny Vaio made a great "useful machine for sitting down and working", the G1 made a good "keep up with #pycon on twitter so I can find dinner plans" tool (mostly using twidroid, but it did get me to switch to seesmic, just for the easier access to saved searches (and larger fonts.) I actually used a paper notebook for note-taking, as I have in previous years; didn't do any sketch-blogging, just took photos, but writing notes was just better for my concentration (which was actually surprisingly good this year, I was apparently getting enough sleep :-) In the end, that meant that I kept up with stuff online the same way I would have if I were home, there wasn't really a "mobile" context to the trip, and I wasn't planning to do talk summaries until I got back anyway.

The pocket 'scope showed up, still haven't got a workbench. I did pick up a georgiarobotics textbook and robot, and immediately started playing with it via their python toolkit, "myro". (The source has some tantalizing roomba mentions - I may try getting it to work with the iCreate too and have them play tag or something :-) I did get about halfway through the first chapter of the textbook, and I have ambitious plans to combine this with CLR(S) 3rd edition as part of a general "oh, right, I do have a CS degree" refresher (inspired by Raymond Hettinger's talk) as well as actually leveling up in robots for their own sake.

It would probably also help if I got all of my blogging efforts fed together into a common "flow"; google buzz helped with that a little bit, and the pycon talk about pubsubhubbub suggested some other interesting things that I've half started on. Perhaps I should just set a rule limiting the amount of time on blogging-related-coding to a specific fraction of the time spent on blogging-related-blogging :-)