The Herd Of Kittens Python Development - Symbian Series 60

The Nokia 6630 is a nice phone (multi band, GRPS, WCDMA, Bluetooth, nice loudspeaker for speakerphone mode and alarms, long battery life and fast charging, and mp3 ringtone support.) It's also a not-half-bad camera (no zoom, but a lot of useful processing effects including a very slow low-light mode.) It's also a decent PDA (Symbian, bluetooth, ipv4/ipv6 over GPRS and 3G, and probably GSM-data too, and numerous applications.)

The really useful bit is that it is the first phone that I can write python code for. (I don't count pippy on palmos on palmphones, because it was a "python scratchpad", there weren't any interfaces to the OS - and worse, it was pre-2.0 python.)

The Amaretto team seems to get the value of instant gratification to developers - simply having an interactive Python available says that, but also that they shipped with things like the bluetooth console script; this lets the phone throw an interactive python prompt up on a nearby computer -- with a real keyboard -- with only a few clicks of the D-pad.

At this stage, some of the obvious little apps have been written - for example, something that talks to a Bluetooth GPS and logs locations for cell-tower ids. But there are more opportunities...


Some of these are brutally simple, but at least they show how to do some of the obvious things, with more comments than the supplied examples at least.