The Herd Of Kittens Python Development


Zephyr is the Instant Messaging system developed at MIT Project Athena before anyone came up with the term (we called it "Notification" at the time, since the original goal was for system notifications to users, user to user communication was originally a secondary consideration.

I'm implementing some Zephyr tools in python.


EXIF is a tagging format used on digital cameras to add metadata to JPEG files. is a nice package for dealing with the raw tags; my work is primarily using it to handle various picture-database operations.


I read a lot of web comics. Now that I've started using an RSS reader as my primary source of distraction, it turns out to be useful to collide the two, and produce an RSS-feed of recently updated comics.

Pretty Printing

My web authoring "philosophy" leads me to producing static pages of straight-up data. However, I have seen the value of presentational markup, and am gradually revising this site. As a starting point, I've written Yet Another Python Formatter. However, I didn't get particularly far with it, and have switched over to GNU source-highlight instead.


While I'm still looking for a recent native PalmOS port of python, there are still Palm-related applications that can be written in python, particularly via direct manipulation of PDB files.


I gave a talk on "Python for Perl Hackers" on January 26, 2004 as an MIT SIPB IAP Lecture. the slides and the video are now online.


Years ago I started a project called ThokBook. As I no longer develop new things in perl, I've started working on useful little pieces of book-related python code instead. However, I recently stumbled upon Tyrannioware, a project which has gone a lot further in the same direction, in Python - and I expect to pick up from there instead.


TODO-prodder is my CodeMonth project. Proxy

The Proxy is a simple proxy with several interesting uses.

Mac Toys

Python has shipped with Mac OS X for a while, and it is well integrated (in that not only can you use python as a unix scripting language, it can manipulate other apps via AppleScript, use the full Objective C APIs, and work within the XCode IDE as "just another language".) I've assembled a few quick tools using it, as part of improving my day to day use of a Mac.

Symbian Series 60

Python ("amaretto") shipped for Symbian Series 60, the Nokia Phone OS, in December 2004. A month later I acquired a Nokia 6630, expressly for development (though it is a pretty cool phone too.)

Sony Librié

In late 2005 I picked up a Sony Librié ebook reader, with the most amazing ever E-Ink screen. Looks better in full daylight than it does under office lighting. Plenty of information about it has either been published or pried out, and after a Make Magazine article on it, I decided to take a shot at it myself. I've cooked up various bits of python code, based on stuff found at, for talking with the Librié from Linux...


I finally worked through Dive Into Greasemonkey and duplicated some of my Mac Safari Applescript Tools in slightly different ways. A few greasemonkey scripts later, I have a clip-logger and a page saver that I trust...

HiveMinder - HiveMinder Client based on but (of course) in python.


Nagaina - structured systems monitoring platform inspired by Nagios but simpler, more suited to small-site use, and (of course) in python.


Little toys none of which are really worthy of a full-fledged "project", either because they're a single file of code or because regardless of size, once committed they're actually done and don't need much future attention.


USB code using various python usb interfaces to talk to things like USB missile launchers...

To keep up with these projects...